Found Art

On April 15, 1952, someone had 36 envelopes sealed, stamped and postmarked. In 1981, we bought their house and found a file cabinet in the basement, with the envelopes. As I was dabbling in mail art then, I thought there might be some use for the cancelled stamps; I liked the way they were alike, but different.

Card Mailing

I thought of mounting them in a framed piece, but I didn’t get to it. The other day, while sorting through some ephemera, I found the stamps, now 70 years old, and thought they might make an interesting flight of postcards. And I got to use Mod Podge for the first time and to see if decoupage can make it through the mail. The test run went well, and now these are scattered all over the world, probably a future for them that was not imagined in 1952.


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