Kihm Winship lives, walks and writes in Skaneateles, N.Y.  He loves mail, his wife, his dog Ivy, his friends, books and stuff.



  1. Aren’t we all valets to our mini-doxies? 😉

  2. I just stumbled across your post on Zeno serendipitously. I am living in Helsinki and just got a note from the embassy that Richard Russo would be giving a talk here next week, and it got me thinking about upstate (for the second time this summer, as I just read my colleague Kim Edwards’ book set there). I got my doctorate at Syracuse, and I really enjoyed those years, including the rare moments when I could steal away from the dissertation to read the exciting authors who were enlivening the place then. I lost touch with Syracuse folks a long time ago (except for some academic connections) but something made me google Chris Zenowich as part of that literary remembrance. He was a friend during my time there, we met through our mutual friend Lee Conant. I did not know he had died. Thank you so much for your eloquent remembrance and tribute. I am sitting in my office after every one has gone home on a rainy night when the light is fast disappearing trying not to lose the moment you created….

    1. Rich, Thank you so much for writing. Kihm

  3. Ralph simpson · · Reply

    The Krebs . . .

  4. Ron Wheeler · · Reply

    Who would have thought? I met a woman who is now my wife 23 years ago in Seneca Falls. You are a little farther east of that, but the entire Finger Lakes area is beautiful – not to mention the wines. I have filed your site under my category of Free Thought because at first glance that’s what it appears to be.

    Glad to see you joined the West site.


    1. Ron, I myself am amazed I made it this far. Indeed, the Finger Lakes are lovely. I am truly fortunate.

  5. Melissa Morley · · Reply

    I inherited a silver trophy from my great great uncle, for a Spreckels Cup 1903 annual boxing tournament held at the San Francisco Olympic Club in 1903.. He won the bantam weight. I just love it and have always wondered about the Club. Thank you for your article

    1. I’m delighted that you found it!

  6. Melissa Morley · · Reply

    Thank you. Could you tell me how many years the Spreckels Cup held the boxing tournament at the Olympic club? I have displayed this trophy for years in my home. I would love to better know the story behind it.

  7. Joseph Yasinski · · Reply

    Khim, Are you the gentleman that collected Hunter S Thompson material? If so maybe we should chat. I own several of the Steadman originals from Vegas, a few of his guns, tons of faxes, letters, hand edited manuscript…please reach out. losbetos@optonline.net

  8. Kihm, I am making a documentary about Scent of Mystery (1960) and Han’s Laube’s Smell-O-Vision! The ‘Smell Brain’ is here in NYC. I’d love to hear from you. tammy@scentedstorytelling.com

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