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Abbie Stories

Abbie was born December 2, 1983, and joined our family on January 27, 1984. These are a few of the stories from her childhood that I did not want to lose. * * * We met Abbie on a Wednesday at Catholic Charities, in an upstairs room, in an old building. It was equipped as […]


July 28, 2008 Dogs cannot stay in the Inn at Silver Bay, which may be the one thing that’s wrong with it. So while we vacationed at Lake George this summer, Gus was far away in dog jail and I suffered from pooch-deprivation. But one morning, walking back up from Slim Point, I saw a […]

Silver Bay Postcards

:: Photographers and Publishers :: Since the earliest days of the postcard, Lake George has been well documented. The locale was scenic, unspoiled, a close and popular destination for travelers eager to get away from New York City and Albany. What follows is a short list of postcard publishers and photographers (and one artist) who […]

The Stone Tower of Silas Paine

It would be inappropriate to tell you why I was so afraid and so angry, but I was, rocking from the one emotion to the other like a boat tilting and rolling on the waves of Lake George, where I was supposed to be on vacation in July of 2004. By the third day, the […]

The Long Way Around

July 26, 2006 My first two years at Silver Bay, I found that if I left the car parked for a week, it didn’t want to start when it was time to go home. So in the years since, I have taken the car out mid-week to give it some exercise and fill it up […]