Postcards from Abbie

Broad Street

Postcards sent by my grandmother, Abbie Slocum Winship, to her brother, Homer Slocum, and his wife, in Niagara Falls, N.Y.

River Street

Little Valley

Cattaraugus Fair

On the back of this one, mailed in October of 1909, Abbie wrote, “Papa got the jars yesterday. Thank you very much for what it contained but we are puzzled to know what that fruit is. It looks lovely but we can’t tell whether it is plums or peaches or What? It is awfully cold, not very good weather to dig potatoes. It rained nearly all day yesterday. I wish you were here this week, Mazie. I bet we would make business ache. Have you heard from Hollis lately? He doesn’t know when he will be home I guess. Lovingly yours, Sis.”



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  3. Daniel Filbrun McNelly · · Reply

    Impressive spelling on the covered wagon.

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