6 1/2 Fish

Fish Cover

In the late 1970s, I had an idea for a little book of quotes illustrated with rubber stamp images of fish. I had the fish stamps; I gathered the quotes. Then I got married, became a father, earned a living, and the project was kind of back-burnered for 40 or so years. But two years into retirement, I got it together, and it went out into the mail this past Sunday. Here is the online version. I hope no one has been waiting.

Fish Page 1

Fish Page 2

Fish Page 3

Fish Page 4

Fish Page 5

Fish Page 6

Fish Page 7

Fish Back

My thanks to Kristina Henson, who guided this across the bridge into reality, and to the rubber stamp people: Jessica Behrman, founder of Rubberstampede, Leavenworth Jackson, Jacqueline Leventhal of Hero Arts, the folks at Nature Impressions, Kenn Spieser, founder of Bizzaro, and the good people of RubberStamps.net who took one of my images that had fallen upon hard times and brought it back to life as a brand-spanking-new rubber stamp.



  1. Nice little booklet Kihm.

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Margaret and Bill Murray · · Reply

    Got my copy in the mail on Tuesday. What a wonderful suprise. Words to live by. Bill and I will treasure it always. Your postcards and fabulous faux postage always bring a smile and a chuckle.
    Love your wit and wisdom, Mr. Winship, and Lori’s lovely weather and recipe posts too.
    All our best, Margaret and Bill

  3. LucyEleanor · · Reply

    I just received my eBay box of vintage RubberStampMadness magazines #1-60 (sans #46) yesterday, from a seller in MI. I believe they used to be yours. Love looking through them. Thank you for the collection and taking such good care of them, they are in great shape!

    1. Oh my goodness. I thought I sold #1 to someone years ago, and she complained that Lowry Thompson had signed it. I’m delighted that all or some of them found a good home. I don’t even remember when or how I parted with them. This is such a lovely surprise.

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