Colgate vs. Tulane, 1937

Colgate 1

In October of 1937, Tulane, the Green Wave, defeated Colgate’s Red Raider football team 7-6 in the new Roesch Memorial Stadium in Buffalo, N.Y. My father took three pictures…

Colgate 2

And even sneaked a shot of the press box…

Colgate 3

I love the hats, the microphone on a trunk, and the headphones. Roesch Memorial was soon renamed Grover Cleveland Stadium, then Civic Stadium and finally War Memorial Stadium. In the 1950s, I went to the stock car races at Civic Stadium with my big brother and his friend Wally, “The Walrus,” an historic visitation to be sure. But the site was made even more famous by the Robert Redford film “The Natural,” filmed there in 1983, before the vintage stadium’s demolition in 1988.



  1. Would you be willing to sell these photos from the 1937 Tulane vs Colgate football game? Or make copies of them? Thanks,


    1. I’d be delighted to sell them, if I can find them. I think I know which stack they’re in…

    2. Found them!

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