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Black Heart Stout

There are people who will tell you that a Liberal Arts degree, in the possession of an English major, is one of the most worthless pieces of paper in general circulation. But as I possess one such scrap of parchment, I am not one of those who will speak disparagingly of it. And this is […]

Pig Sticking

I was reading about polo in India and the role played by the British military in bringing polo from India to England, and thence to the United States, when I came across another British sport in India that involved a spear rather than a mallet, and an enraged boar rather than a ball. Pig sticking […]

Watching Golf

My wife thinks I have gone around the bend because I have begun watching golf on television. I have never played golf, unless you count courses with a windmill hole. But I enjoy watching, and I have a regimen that I find very fulfilling. First, I place a pint of excellent beer within my reach. […]

Passing the Torch

In 1968, my fraternity brother, Bud Shulman, and I, felt it was time to teach our younger brothers how to tap a keg of beer. The lesson, almost a sacred ceremony, took place in the kitchen of the Delt house at 115 College Place on the Syracuse University campus, a dry campus, but what of […]


I don’t know where you stand on reincarnation, but let me give you a tip: Given a choice, don’t come back as an elephant. Especially if you’re going to be anywhere near people. :: Old Bet – 1816 :: In the summer of 1816, Hackaliah Bailey took Old Bet on a tour of New England, […]

A Beer Footnote

April 15, 2006 When I started putting my writing up on the Web, I thought of my beer articles only at the tail end of things. Everything else seemed more important. But today, 15 of the 20 most visited pages on my site are pieces about beer. My history of malt liquor — which, not […]

A Puzzle from St. Stephen’s

A few years ago, my sister-in-law Lee and her daughter, my niece Allyson, found themselves in The St. Stephen’s Tavern in London. You can see Big Ben out the window, and a bell rings two minutes before a vote so member of Parliament can dash back to be counted. At the time, Hall and Woodhouse, […]

Middle Ages Brewing

This appeared in the Syracuse New Times, July 26-August 2, 1995 * * * It’s safe to assume there was no brewing industry here in Syracuse during the Middle Ages. Why then has the Middle Ages Brewing Company, Ltd., opened its doors on Wilkinson Street and begun turning out hearty, flavorful ales? Has the public […]

Four Brewers

This first appeared in the November 15-22, 1995, Syracuse New Times and revised in the May 1996 All About Beer. * * * Four Brewers: David Hartmann, Empire Brewing; Jim Kuhr, F.X. Matt Brewing Company; Jim Misthos, Anheuser-Busch; Marc Rubenstein, Middle Ages Brewing Company Have you ever found yourself tasting a beer and wondering if its […]

The American Homebrewers Association Brew-ha-ha

This article appeared in Southwest Brewing News, June/July 1997. When the editor ran the idea by me, I thought I’d signed on to write a cheery 20th anniversary piece on the AHA. Charlie Papazian had given me my first opportunity to write for national publication; I had always respected him and enjoyed his company; I […]


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