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Middle Ages Brewing

This appeared in the Syracuse New Times, July 26-August 2, 1995 * * * It’s safe to assume there was no brewing industry here in Syracuse during the Middle Ages. Why then has the Middle Ages Brewing Company, Ltd., opened its doors on Wilkinson Street and begun turning out hearty, flavorful ales? Has the public […]


Four Brewers

This first appeared in the November 15-22, 1995, Syracuse New Times and revised in the May 1996¬†All About Beer. * * * Four Brewers: David Hartmann, Empire Brewing; Jim Kuhr, F.X. Matt Brewing Company; Jim Misthos, Anheuser-Busch; Marc Rubenstein, Middle Ages Brewing Company Have you ever found yourself tasting a beer and wondering if its […]

The American Homebrewers Association Brew-ha-ha

This article appeared in Southwest Brewing News, June/July 1997. When the editor ran the idea by me, I thought I’d signed on to write a cheery 20th anniversary piece on the AHA. Charlie Papazian had given me my first opportunity to write for national publication; I had always respected him and enjoyed his company; I […]

The Brewing of Bud

A tour of the Anheuser-Busch plant in Baldwinsville, N.Y., which first appeared in the Syracuse New Times, September 2-9, 1987 * * * The beer they brew in Baldwinsville begins as a handful of optimism and seed grain somewhere out in the Midwest, as green hop cuttings under blue skies in the northwestern United States […]

American Beer, 1975

This article appeared in the Syracuse New Times, September 28, 1975. The clich√© has it that it is always darkest before the dawn, and that accurately described the state of American beer in 1975. The sun appeared to be setting on the last local and regional breweries and it had yet to rise on microbreweries […]

Revere Your Beer

I have long been fascinated by the meaning of beer; this is a piece written in that direction. * * * Beer begins in the grave. The seed from which barley springs is not meant for us, not for our nutrition or pleasure. Rather, the starch in the seed is meant to feed the seed’s […]

Red Beers

This article appeared in the Syracuse New Times, February 15-22, 1995. * * * Red blooded, red phone, red lips, red hot. Heat! Alarm! Passion! Beer! Beer? Yes, prodded by flat sales of traditional brands and envious of the Coors Brewing Company’s success with Killian’s Irish Red, the followers in the brewing industry are saddling […]

Kitchen Green

April 16, 2004 “I know exactly the shade of green you’re talking about,” she said. “I call it kitchen green.” It was a comfort to be talking with someone who understood my passion for a green, wood-handled bottle opener I had recently purchased for 25 cents at an estate sale. And she understood my excitement […]

Pierre Celis Visits

This piece was written for the Syracuse New Times in June of 1997. * * * On a recent sultry summer evening in Armory Square, the city’s malterati gathered at the Blue Tusk to welcome Pierre Celis, the Belgian brewer who saved the Witbier style and whose Celis Brewery in Austin, Texas, brews Celis White, […]

Brewing in New York

This article was written for Syracuse New Times, July 23, 1986, and rewwritten for the Song Mountain Brewfest program in 1997. * * * The Empire State’s recorded brewing history begins with the Dutch colonists on Manhattan Island, soon to be home to New Amsterdam and eventually New York City. The settlers’ homebrewed beer, which […]