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August 15, 2005 I am certain that somewhere in Skaneateles lives a future U.S. Secretary of the Interior. It is presently a post that calls for a “the world is my wastebasket” mentality, and I see it all around me when walking my dog in Austin Park. Besides collecting his little art works, I also […]

Iridium from the Jetty

October 1999 John Milner and I met in high school, in English class, in 1962. I was, in John’s words, “a disarranged teenager,” and John was the teacher, and more. He was someone who listened, encouraged us to read and write, gave us credit for our imagination but gently imposed some discipline. I kept in […]

The Icing on the Lake

February 28, 2003 The last two evenings, while walking home from work, I have been taking a left turn just past the jetty and walking out onto the ice over the lake. We have had a very cold winter in Skaneateles, and the ice is solid out into the deep water, out past the Country […]

Fun in Clumps

September 5, 2000 Sometimes, fun comes in clumps. A week ago Friday, Laurie and I saw the Incredible Shrinking Violinist, Hilary Hahn, at the high school. Hilary herself did not shrink. She shrank the pianist, a very large man in a white dinner jacket. He hit the first note as an internationally renowned concert pianist, […]

Fried Food

February 25, 2001 Laurie was returning from Virginia and coming home from the airport we decided that neither of us wanted to cook. This was a task best left to the hands of professionals, and we chose the Hilltop. The Hilltop is a part of a compound just outside the Village, just past the tasteful […]

Gully Road

May 8, 2004 Gully Road is high on the list of reasons I love to live here. Running between the Old and New Seneca Turnpikes, it passes through a marsh that could be a set for a vintage Hammer horror film, then a leafy forest glade, then by a silver surfaced pond where the occasional […]

On the Shoulder

September 1998 Whoever said the Kentucky Derby was the most exciting two minutes in sports has never traveled on Route 20 as a pedestrian. Granted, the majority of my walk to work is through the idyllic Village, but my office is about a quarter of a mile outside the Village gates, and the open road […]