Star Wars in Skaneateles

November 1, 2007

The high point of Halloween for me was when Princess Leia peed in our garden. She had arrived in the company of Boba Fett (the bounty hunter), an Imperial Stormtrooper, and Yoda. They had been out in the galaxy all evening, so no one was too surprised when the Princess began to water a small shrub. She did not bother to remove her costume, which is probably just as well when you’re fleeing from Darth Vader.

Does the Millennium Falcon even have a bathroom? I never saw it. We have one, but the Princess seemed happy outdoors. She smiled, refreshed. Her mother smiled back and shook her head, and her father said, “This is our last house.” Even the bounty hunter seemed ready to call it a day. He and the trooper took off their helmets and began shuffling toward the waiting Space Freighter. Yoda waddled after them. Soon they would all be home and dry.


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