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Letters and the U.S. Post Office

“It’s long past my bedtime. But writing letters is my chief dissipation at present, writing ’em to you being the chiefest and most dissipated.” — E.B. White, in a letter to a college sweetheart, September, 1921 That’s one of the things I love about letters. Sixty-one years later and I can hear E.B. White as […]

Friends and Mail Boxes

Given my passion for the post office, it’s no surprise that I love mail boxes as well. I especially love pictures of mail boxes and friends. The one that started it all, a photo of artist Theo Tilton next to a giant mail box in Louisiana. Roland Sweet notes, “In the fall of 1986, Theo […]

Post Office Postcards

Just look at it. It makes no sense. What in blazes is a medieval castle doing in San Antonio, Texas? And yet there it is, one of my favorite post offices. I love the Post Office and I love postcards, so it’s natural that I love postcards of post offices — post offices that look […]

Silver Bay Postcards

:: Photographers and Publishers :: Since the earliest days of the postcard, Lake George has been well documented. The locale was scenic, unspoiled, a close and popular destination for travelers eager to get away from New York City and Albany. What follows is a short list of postcard publishers and photographers (and one artist) who […]

The Stone Tower of Silas Paine

It would be inappropriate to tell you why I was so afraid and so angry, but I was, rocking from the one emotion to the other like a boat tilting and rolling on the waves of Lake George, where I was supposed to be on vacation in July of 2004. By the third day, the […]