America Naked

For a while now I’ve been hearing a lot about making America great again, although I would happily settle for America being good again. And America First, that’s part of the plan, too. But this morning, while getting ready for church, I noticed one of my clothing labels, and started looking at the others, checking out the “made in” part for my Munsingwear boxers (India), Orvis shirt (Malaysia), Merrell shoes (Vietnam), Lands’ End slacks (Bangladesh) and Orvis tweed vest (Portugal). Heading out the door, I put on my L.L. Bean winter coat (Bangladesh) and Adidas wool cap (Taiwan). Returning home, with some outdoor work to do, I put on my Carhartt overalls (Mexico), L.L. Bean barn jacket (El Salvador) and Keen boots (Vietnam). Sitting here now wearing my blue Vans sneakers (China), I’m thinking that if people all over the world weren’t working to clothe me, I’d be pretty much naked.



  1. Craig Otto · · Reply

    Maybe it should be “make America make (things) again. And I also would settle for “make America good” again.

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