George Dickel

Dickel on Shelf

On my twenty-first birthday, in search of something special, I purchased a “powder horn bottle” of George Dickel Tennessee sour mash whiskey. It was love at first sip and, more than half a century later, this whiskey remains my “desert island” favorite.

Dickell Star Trek

I kept the bottle as a memento for a few years, but then, stripped of its Tennessee origins, the bottle was transformed into a decanter for “Saurian Brandy” in the original Star Trek television series. I knew a woman who was an ardent Star Trek fan, and the bottle passed to her.

But from time to time I pined for it, remembering in on the shelf of my college room, and then came the moment of recovery, on eBay. Whilst browsing George Dickel glassware, I chanced upon a miniature, souvenir horn bottle, the perfect answer. Today, it is mine and on a shelf with other treasures. Home again, home again.

George Tiny


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  1. Jeff Fuller · · Reply

    My father collected booze bottles coincidentally during my junior high school years. As my older brother moved out of the house, I claimed the coveted basement bedroom (where the collection resided). The two examples I remember most were the Ezra Brooks Churchill Commemorative Decanter (The Iron Curtain Speech) and the George Dickel powder horn. Never got to sample either, Pops brought them home empty.

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