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Two Easters

April 2002 I have a co-worker, and friend, who attends a Greek Orthodox church. And over the years, we have chatted about the fact that the Western and Eastern branches of Christianity celebrate their holy days on different dates. In those years when I am oafish enough to ask her how her Easter was, on […]


June 2002 At some long-ago point in my career, I found myself in a room with three partners in crime trying to come up with a name for a family of products — a wash, a moisturizer and a “sealer” — used for cleaning the nether regions of incontinent nursing home patients. I don’t know […]

Super Bowl Quandry

Written on the eve of a Giants/Ravens Superbowl * * * January 28, 2001 If you are like me, picking a favorite in today’s game comes down to the choice between James Fenimore Cooper and Edgar Allan Poe. On one hand, we have New York State’s Cardiff Giant, today on exhibit in Cooperstown’s Farmers Museum […]

A Puzzle from St. Stephen’s

A few years ago, my sister-in-law Lee and her daughter, my niece Allyson, found themselves in The St. Stephen’s Tavern in London. You can see Big Ben out the window, and a bell rings two minutes before a vote so member of Parliament can dash back to be counted. At the time, Hall and Woodhouse, […]

Who to Believe?

June 18, 2005 On June 8, 2005, Mr. Rush Limbaugh, on his nationally syndicated Rush Limbaugh Show, informed radio listeners that Democrats have more fear of Christians than of Al Qaeda, or even of nuclear weapons launched from North Korea. I was perplexed. Because my wife is a registered Democrat, and I am a Christian, […]

Middle Ages Brewing

This appeared in the Syracuse New Times, July 26-August 2, 1995 * * * It’s safe to assume there was no brewing industry here in Syracuse during the Middle Ages. Why then has the Middle Ages Brewing Company, Ltd., opened its doors on Wilkinson Street and begun turning out hearty, flavorful ales? Has the public […]

Mary Duncan Sanford

December 9, 2003 I am easily distracted. The other day, in search of information on polo player Stephen “Laddie” Sanford, whose Hurricanes won the U.S. Open five times in three different decades, I learned that Laddie had graced the cover of Time magazine, knew Cole Porter, played polo on Long Island and in Hollywood, summered […]