My Russian Bride

so easy
with the Internet
no long letters, no long wait
and there you were at the airport
more beautiful than I could imagine
I felt young again
I smiled at the way you said, “Minsk”
and you laughed when I said, “Moskva”
we taught each other
so quick you were to learn
not just easy words but differences
like between visa and Visa
looking back, I should have seen you flinch
at loud noises, and check locks
I did not see the word Mafia until
your note
hard to read
you must run, yes
someone who wears dark glasses even at night
coming here now
I had been helpful
thank you
sorry to be gone
I am sorry too
alone in my bed
and when a step creaks
or a door rattles
my heart pounds
for you
or for him

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