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Gus Stories

:: My Granddog :: June 1, 2003 While Abbie was on medical leave from college, languishing in Ohio with mono and a side order of other debilitating ailments, she felt a puppy would be the perfect tonic, something small, cute and therapeutic. And so, when she came home to Skaneateles, she was accompanied by Gus. […]


I was walking to work two weeks ago when a large golden lab came up from a side street and challenged me with a “Woof!” I said, “Hey, Bud,” and he pressed his face against my leg so I could scratch behind his ears. His eyes closed, his tail swayed, and I got a lot […]

Clete Stories

:: How Smart I Am :: It was Clete, my first dog, who revealed just how smart I am. It was back in the early 1970’s. I was living in a one-room apartment where the bed was tucked into an alcove, and I had made it very clear to Clete that he was not allowed […]

Stories from Dr. M.

I am going to have to start telling Dr. M. stories. I cannot tell you the good doctor’s full name, nor where I knew him, but please trust me on this one. There was a time in my life when I knew a veterinarian, and all of his stories are true, and I cannot keep […]