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December 22, 2005 My father loved bells, especially on long silk ropes with four or five bells tied at intervals, a strand to hang on a doorknob, bells that played with every coming and going. In college, this made my Christmas shopping easy. I would walk down to Marshall Street, to a shop where they […]

The Art Collection

March 27, 2004 Many years ago on a hot summer Saturday, I helped my wife’s mother’s second husband clean out the home of his first wife’s aunt, an elderly woman he had looked after for many years, hurrying over to close her windows when a thunderstorm was coming, doing her grocery shopping, driving her to […]

Rolling Wheels

Summer 1981 Even before they reach you, there’s a rolling cloud of dust and hot gas, billowing yellow, orange and red through the lights high over your head. The bleacher seats vibrate, and the air pops and crackles. There must be twenty or thirty of them, cars, barking and roaring to be let go. Then […]

Growing Up

:: Tonsils :: July 2002 ┬áMy first memory is of my father. It was warm outside, a summer evening. The smiling man held me in his arms, against his white t-shirt, and I reached up to touch his face. His face felt scratchy. I felt excited by the change of scene, loved and safe and […]

The Fluffy Towel

January 11, 2002 I was not always as suave as you know me to be now, and recently a memory came unbidden that reminded me of just how un-suave I have been in the past. Years ago, I was a copywriter at a large advertising agency and one Friday afternoon we were having our annual […]

The Elephant Letter

March, 1988 Laurie, Abbie and I went to the circus last Sunday at the Syracuse War Memorial Auditorium; a more threadbare pageant you could never hope to see. After the first three acts, the show folk began resurfacing in new costumes with new names. Stuntwise, the degree of difficulty was never so high as to […]

Bessie Love and James Abbe

In June of 1998, I was spending a day at Pike Place Market in Seattle, a busy hive of shops where one can find anything from fresh fish to antique postcards. I was in a quiet corner of a shop specializing in the latter, when I was stopped, frozen, by an image that still fascinates […]